Andy G is from Small village in West Yorkshire has been an internet DJ/Presenter now for about

16 years. Music has played a big part of my life Growing up,so being a DJ/ Presenter is a great way

to share my music with you " Andy has broadcasted shows on Community Radio for a short

while then its internet Radio My Hobbies are

computers and design.
favourite Band: Queen
Favourite song: Music by John Miles
Favourite solo artist: Michael Jackson


I started as we all did in hospital radio, playing weird stuff like country music and Frank Sinatra ?? never knew anything about them at the time, but managed to wing it with the help of sleeve

notes on the album covers.

Then well still doing radio became a mobile dj did that for almost 25 years loved it. Then got my

big break

breakfast on a big proper FM radio station (did over sleep 1 day and got demoted to drive time, walked out

the office with a massive smile on my face I am, not a morning person.  As well as my weekly shows Vinyl Days

and the Love zone that can be heard on FM AM DAB and Internet radio worldwide I run a web


company like to be busy.


Like many radio presenters of a 'certain age', I caught the radio ‘bug’ when I listened to the British

‘pirate’ sations in the 1960s on my transistor radio. The jingles were my favourite part and ‘Big L’ had the

best ones (and I’m now proud to say that I have some personalized versions on my show!). In the

seventies, I started broadcasting on a hospital radio station in Surrey and one of my shows won a

national competition forbest hospital radio programme. Noel Edmonds was one of the judges! In

1976, I became a Butlin's redcoat entertainer preesenting music and chat from their Radio Butlin 

studios at Clacton in Essex. Great fun, but very hard work. In the 1990's, I did the weekday morning

show on Eclipse FM which broadcast on cable and FM. One of our directors was the legendary Dave

Cash. A couple of years ago, I did a spell on the weekday afternoon show of a commercial station at the seaside in East Sussex. My most embarrassing moments in radio were interviewing Bo Didley who

insisted I call him ‘Mr. Didley’, and when I interviewed the comedian Richard Digance and I got a

nose-bleed halfway through! I now really enjoy presenting my weekly Happy Hour show – and I hope

you’ll enjoy listening to it!


Dominic Forbes Does Two Shows For Us The Timesweep Show And The Brit Rock Show Keep a Look

Out On Our Scedule For His Great Shows


Hi Chris Tucker here but everyone calls me Tuc.
I started in Hospital Radio over 40 years ago and now,after following a career in entertainment, I am

settled on the East Coast of England with my Rose,2 grown up children and 3 amazing grandchildren.

I returned to my radio roots some 4 years ago and enjoy producing and presenting various genre of

music,mixed with jovial banter.


Titus Jennings – a child of the 60s, and of suburban London - has been involved in radio and the music

industry, in one form or another, for most of his working life.He's been waffling away and playing his

always-eclectic blend of music since the late 70s on stations such as London Hospitals Broadcasting and

Kingston Hospital Radio (as well as an appearance at the tender age of 13 on Capital Radio’s “junior DJ” spot

, but he asked us to keep that quiet), University Radio Bath, and also presented the Breakfast Shows on Bath’s

Torch FM and Bristol's Caroline Rocks, as well as working as a presenter / producer & programme controlle

r on a number of internet stations since 2005. Titus managed a couple of Bristol record stores in the late 80s

was one of the local Pinnacle Records reps for a decade, and has also written CD, DVD and book reviews fo

r Record Collector and other publications. He did ask us to mention that he is available for further voiceover

and audio production work, please send offers via his twitter or facebook accounts (which he plugs relentlessly).
Favourite Band: Pink Floyd
Favourite Solo Artist: Robyn Hitchcock
Favourite Song: Impossible to answer - there are too many without which life would be less worthwhile


Dave Edwards has been associated with the world of Radio Broadcasting for over 40 years, having

started as many do, in Hospital Radio. He was one of the driving forces behind the formation of The

Loughborogh Hospitals Broacasting Service (LHBS) back in 1975. In fact Dave was the Station Manager

for several years. He was also associated with Radio Fox, in his home city of Leicester, in the early 1990's. He produced and presented the Sunday Breakfast Show. Dave has, over the years, worked for both Commercial

and Publicly funded radio stations both here in the UK, as well world-wide. He started as a Studio Assistant

at BBC Radio Leicester in 1976. He was used as a Commercial 'Voice Over' talent on Radio Trent in Nottingham

and Mercia Sound in Coventry in the eighties. Dave spent several years producing and presenting shows for

local stations here in the UK. He also spent some time broadcasting in Indonesia. Dave returned to live in the

UK again in 2010. He has spent the past few years providing 'Voice Overs' for several radio Stations,

producing them in the Broadcast Studio that he has set up at his home.  He has also been very busy running

his own Internet Radio Station, Classic Hits Uk, which showcases the hits of the 60's & 70's. The station is

heard in over 95 countries worldwide. Having grown up in the Sixties, and having experienced the Seventies,

he has a genuine love for the popular music of those two decades. His special love of the 70's is reflected in

his show called 'That Seventies Sound' which he produces and presents each and every week. The show is

not only heard on Classic Hits Uk, but on other quality radio station's around the globe.


Steve Chelmsford is the host of "The Mop Tops & The King" and has been a fan of The Beatles and Elvis

Presley since he was three years old. Steve got his start in radio when he met Dusty Fenders, a local radio

personality on "Radio Goldfield", a small community radio station in the middle of the Nevada desert. Steve developed a friendship with Dusty and his radio partner Carl Brownfield and soon became a member of

"The Carl & Dusty Radio Boogie" writing jingles and other musical pieces. About a year later, Radio

Goldfield (KGFN 89.1FM) asked Steve if he would be interested in having his own show. The Mop Tops &

The King made its debut on December 4, 2011 and is currently heard in The USA, The UK & Australia on

over 45 community radio stations.
In a previous life, Steve was a research engineer with the Air Force Research Laboratory for nearly 30 years.

He is a life-long resident of Chelmsford, Massachusetts.


Geoff started his career at the age of 13 and within five years was one of the Mecca Group's top DJs,

being used as their opening act for their new venues nationwide. During the '60s when package tours

were at the height of their popularity, Geoff could be found compering shows with Animals, Kinks,

Spencer Davis, Roy Orbison, Chuck Berry, and for the second-ever Led Zeppelin show.
In 1974 became one of Radio Hallam first voices when the station launched, being the new commercial

station for Sheffield. In the '70s, Geoff also worked on Q102 in Florida, USA and KZUN in Dallas. In the

'80s, you'd have heard him on the legendary pirate radio station, Sunshine Radio.
Geoff is now working on a number of specialist radio shows and can currently be heard on several stations internationally, with special mention of his work with Express FM who carry the twice-award-winning Soft

Rock Show. This live show has reached a cult status and Geoff has performed over 2100 interviews over

the last few years, including members of Queen, Fleetwood Mac, The Rolling Stones, The Wrecking Crew,

Eagles, Chicago, Sir Cliff Richard, Genesis, Status Quo, Blondie, The Searchers, Slade, Toto, Rick Astley,

Foreigner and Jethro Tull... and that's just the start of the list! The show has carried a unique live link with

Mix 94.1 in Las Vegas in the past, and now each month features a live link to The Hard Rock Cafe in Las

Vegas for all the hottest entertainment news from Sin City! The show continues to draw huge names to be interviewed both live on the telephone and in the studio.
Geoff also works for Forest FM, presenting a Soul and R&B show on Saturday in addition to All Our

Yesterplays each weekday morning. He has also completed the Route to Radio broadcasting course, with

credits. He now also records three unique shows - Solid Gold '60s, Supersonic '70s and Kick Up the

'80s... all three of which are currently syndicated to 62 radio stations in 21 countries across the world.

Of note, in 2013, 2014 and 2016 Geoff received the acclaimed GEO Award in Chicago for ‘Outstanding

Contributing Programme’ for his Solid Gold ‘60s show and Supersonic ‘70s. Recently Kick up the 80/s won the prestigious international SOLA award.
In May 2016, Geoff and co-host Adrian Collis won another award for The Soft Rock Show, this time

being honoured as ‘Best On-Air Team’.

Jeremy Rees

Retro Records - Wednesdays 4pm

Jeremy Rees hosts the weekly show featuring hits and rarities from the years 1950 to 1969 - two decades of

social revolution and music evolution. Expect the unexpected - and an emphasis on Soul, Rhythm & Blues and

vocal Jazz.

A familiar voice on FM radio in South Wales for over a decade, presenting both music and talk shows but he

actually cut his broadcasting teeth on Hospital Radio while still a teenager in the late 1970s. An avid music

collector, Jeremy has a passion for discovering music from past decades that was either not released in the

UK or didn't get much airplay at the time. 

Contact Jeremy on or on the Retro Records Facebook page.


Hi, I'm Iain Swanston. I played my first tune on the radio way back in 1977 on an Edinburgh pirate station.

Since then I've always been in or around radio. I present Ultimate Gold here on Variety Oldies Radio every

Friday evening from 9pm. I'll be playing you only the very best hits from the 50's right through to the 80's

together with all your favourite features, the Top10, In the spotlight, It should have sold a million and much more.
I hope you can join me for a terrific walk down musical memory lane


Ali Donowho & Country In My Veins

Ali has been a radio presenter for nearly eight years and has been involved in many different formats of

radio shows but always returns to his main music genre

of Country. Having been a fan since his early teens, he has grown a love and knowledge of the artists and

the scene, sometimes being described as 'geeky' with his

almost eidetic memory of facts. Always entertaining and very much off the cuff with his thoughts on the

music, Ali plays the best in Classic, Contemporary and

Emerging Country music so that there really is something for everyone.

In 2018 Country In My Veins and Ali were awarded the Bronze award in the Best Specialist Radio Show

category at the Community Radio Awards.


Peter was born on 7th December 1974. His mother has sadly never got her figure back. 

The number one that day was You're the First, the Last, My Everything by Barry White.

Peter grew up in Kingston Upon Hull - the City of Culture!

He's worked on the radio for 25+ years and is still getting away with it as he's lolling about here.

Peter is married to Megan and they are proud parents to Isla and Isaac (who you can hear on the

air sometimes). He also has a Cockapoo called Ozzy, a rabbit called Lola and three goldfish called

Peppa, George and Mickey!

Make sure you have the talc and lino down ready for our Northern Soul Show with Peter - playing

some classic, rare and special versions of those marvellous songs for fans old and new. 

And if you enjoy 70s and 80s disco music then listen to The Groove Line show with Peter too. 


Gary started his DJ career back in the days when half a dozen singles from Saturday Night Fever were

guaranteed to fill the dance floor. Hospital radio beckoned in the early 1990s and he now finds himself

on a Spanish station, surprised that it's the English speaking population that listens, having always thought

the most suitable audience would be those who hadn't a clue what he was on about.
 He fell in love with beat music in the 60s, and in 1997 he was approached by The Searchers to publish

their official website which he does to this day.  
The Gary Jackson Show is packed with special features - not for the audience's benefit, but because at

his age just staying awake for two hours is tough enough, and every little helps! 


Clive is one of the original 1980’s London Pirate Radio DJ’s having been a regular voice on LWR 92.5 FM, the

legendary soul station. Clive went on to present shows on several UK commercial FM stations and community

radio. He originally started DJing in 1976 with over 4 decades experience he now brings his 70s and 80s funk

and soul show to variety oldies radio.


Currently presenting a 2 hour show on The David J Clark Pop Quiz Hot Showcase which features Music and artists featured in Movies TV & Video Games. Whilst also being a Father,Husband,Son,Fighter,Eater, Writer,Internet Radio Presenter,Gamer & man who likes paranormal & sport & Living life to the full (Not always in that order)


Chris Clark thought he'd retired in 2011 and rewrote his Twitter profile to read: "Former radio presenter, record

shop owner, journalist... it's all in the past." Guess he spoke too soon! Chris says: "I have loved 45rpm vinyl

records since 1954 when my mum and dad bought a Guy Mitchell EP, and pop music radio since I discovered Saturday Club on the Light Programme." His other likes include reading, movies and television - anything that

involves sitting about doing nothing really. Chris asked us not to include that he is a big fan of Dr Who, comic

books and professional wrestling as it makes him look like a geek... so we won't... oops!


Dave is a self confessed music anorak and record collector who loves his music trivia and stats around the

UK charts. This also makes him a handy man to have on your pub quiz team! A huge music lover, Dave

started out as a DJ in his home town of Falkirk, Scotland in 1994 before progressing to radio and becoming a professional FM jock on many commercial stations across Scotland. The Retro Chart Show was born from

an oldies chart show Dave presented on Hospital Radio in the late 90’s and after interest from English

speaking ex-pat radio stations in Spain and Malta, Dave decided to launch the show to a worldwide audience. The Retro Chart Show can now be heard every week on radio stations all over the UK, Europe, America and Asia.


The “Revenge of the 80s” Radio Show is hosted by Chris Cordani. The mission is to bring back classic music

from the 1980s to its fans, who are greatly underserved by the genericness of today’s mainstream radio. Chris remembers when radio was still cutting edge and ahead of the curve when it came to new music. It is an

element that is sadly missing in the industry today — until now. The next purpose of this site is to highlight information on what some of our favorite band members from the New Wave are doing today, including tour information, new projects and interviews on the show. We will also direct you to where to find great 80s

music, movies, clothes and more. Chris will be happy to take requests as well. If you want to hear a song on

“Revenge of the 80s Radio,” e-mail to


Mickey Bo's obsession with rock 'n' roll began as a lad in western Massachusetts, U.S.A., when he nearly

levitated watching Elvis on TV in '56. He ain't been the same since.

As an adolescent, the Mickster spent morning paper route earnings on hit records and played them on

a pirate radio station in his bedroom. Because of a weak signal, though, neither neighbors nor U.S. radio

regulators retaliated.

In high school in 1964, Mickey upped his game by becoming a deejay at his hometown radio station,

followed by record spinning jobs elsewhere in Massachusetts and Texas before joining the Armed Forces

Radio & TV Service with the U.S. Air Force in Thailand and Korea during the Vietnam War. After discharge,

he took up radio news, eventually spending 32 years reporting world events for the U.S. government's Voice

of America in Washington, D.C.

His passion for original rock 'n' rhythm smoldered, however, so he fanned the embers and became your

backbeat buddy on Mickey Bo's Rock 'n' Roll Revue after retiring from his government gig in 2007, confident of

its guarantee of steady meals. The show  features '50s to '60s oldies and rock's roots going back to the late '40s.

Mickey lives in the Washington, D.C. suburb of Falls Church, Virginia, well into his second half century in radio

and wondering where the time — and his hair — went.



I've been working in radio since 2011 and have worked on a few stations presenting live shows at

weekends and events. I started to produce and present A Blast from the 80s since mid 2018, and

A Blast From the 90s since September 2020  Since I've started the shows they have gone on from

strength to strength and I've been lucky enough to interview some great musicians in the past and

I've plans for many more to come. Outside of radio I work full time as an administrative manager

and I have 4 lovely daughters, whom I love spending time with whenever possible.

I also enjoy the history of media and broadcasting as well as comedy.


Since their genesis over 45 years ago, the Whitesidewalls Rock 'n' Roll Revue has been the Midwest's

ultimate1950s and 1960s doo-wop and rock & roll show band, with a loyal fan base that continues

to grow and show their support and love for The Whitesidewalls.
Featuring five singers playing multiple instruments, the tight harmonies and driving dance beat of

the Whitesidewalls are the signature of the Rock 'n Roll Revue. Hound Dog, Swanee, Gino Gambucci,

Bobby Maestro and Rocky Beaumont have handcrafted a fabulous show that will have you jumping

just like it did all those  years ago!
This talented group of versatile artists from Minnesota and Wisconsin performs for many thousands

of people each year, demonstrating their agile musicianship while putting on a great show. Come

on out and see for yourself- you won't be disappointed!
The Whitesidewalls have shared the stage with a number of notable artists including:
The Drifters Niki Sullivan
Bobby Vee Little Anthony
Del Shannon The Crickets
Bo Diddley Wolfman Jack
Rick Nelson Buddy Knox
Carl Perkins Tommy Roe
Jimmy Clanton Herman's Hermits
Freddy Cannon Jason D. Williams
The Coasters The Grass Roots
Dick Dale Lou Christie
Bill Medley Tommy Allsup
Bill Haley Jr.

Dave the Rave

Dave Kapulsky has a room in his home that is lined with shelves filled with 45 rpm records.
Dave the Rave has one of the largest music collections of anybody we know. He has approximately

110,000+ 45 RPM records, 25,000 albums, and 30,000 CDs that he accesses to bring you an exciting

Relics and Rarities show In fact, Kapulsky said, he has about *35,000 45's and an additional 12,000

albums that he stores at his mother's house in New Brunswick, where he grew up.
A disc jockey, he goes by the moniker Dave the Rave and he plays well-known songs and rarities

that he says never got the play they deserved. In addition, he takes calls from listeners, many of whom

ask him to play a song they may have heard once years ago and remembered. There's literally

thousands that I want to play," he said. Dave Kapulsky chooses recordsfrom among the thousands

he owns and plays on a radio show he hosts . "I have some hard-core followers because I play songs

that are not played by other disc jockeys. I get a lotof calls After the show ends, the discussion often continues. His is mainly a 1960s show. He plays doo-wop, soul, surf music, garage bands and the
sounds of the British invasion, he said.
"One of the things that is imelate to and sing along to, but it also features the regional one-hit

wonders or records that never portant to note about the show is that it not only features the big

hits that we can all re made it," he said.

Fred Setters

Fred's radio journey started way back in the 70's, as a youngster listening to his boyhood hero Tommy

Vance on the "Friday Rock Show" on BBC Radio 1. Originally learning his radio skills as a presenter on

Hospital Radio and later as a Station Manager, Fred then decided to create his own radio shows for the

mainstream radio audience.
Rock Solid is a classic and progressive rock radio show - Playing music from the greatest bands of the

seventies and eighties - Genesis, Rainbow, Pink Floyd, Yes and Led Zeppelin to name just a few. On each

show, we'll search through the archives to bring you two hours of the finest vintage rock classics as well

as discovering some of the very best of the latest releases. So tune in on Variety Oldies Radio and

rock out!

Billy Camino

Your Host of ‘The Camino Concept’
‘The Playground of a Licentious Imagination’
Weekly 2-Hour Fictional Theme-Mix Broadcast:
‘Mostly Eclectic Oldies & Fun Novelties’
The Music is ‘The Concept’...
...the zany ‘Team Camino’ is ‘The Show’.
Music & Laughter is the ‘Universal Language’.
What an awesome Joy for ‘Team Camino’ to humbly be at your Service, ‘Sharing The Way’, by sharing

our Passion of the most memorable Music of our Journeys. Each Program is an ‘Illusion’ of a ‘Live’

Broadcast... but, nobody is fooled. We always enjoy making new unbelievably awesome Memories with

every Station’s Loyal Listeners!!
Disclaimer: On ‘The Camino Concept’, many names & places may or may not have been changed to

protect those who may or may not be fictitious. Believe it… or not.
Claimer: Originally from the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Area, your ‘Quasi-Fictitious’ Host is delighted to

claim 35 years of ‘Home’ in ‘The Southwestern Arid Desert Mountain Canyon Region’, including both

‘The Valley of The Sun, near Phoenix, Arizona, and, ‘Sin City’, from Henderson, Nevada.
Currently, ‘Camino Nation’ broadcasts on Internet Stations in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, both the

Blackpool area of Cheshire, and, New Castle upon Tyne, in the UK, as well as an affiliated network

of the USA Carolina Region, The Caribbean and The Netherlands. We have extended relationships

with other past association Stations in Arizona, Nova Scotia, and, the northwest area of London.
The Camino Concept’ began on Internet Radio in Arizona, in 2016. But, as a hobby, ‘Billy’ has been

a Volunteer Presenter throughout his entire adulthood. He’s always enjoyed sharing ‘Theme Mix

Concepts of Oldies Music’, for Family, Friends, Ministry and Community; always for FREE… you get

what you pay for, my dear ‘Musical Pilgrims’.
FYI: As ‘Newlyweds’ of 44 years, Billy and his Wife, Lynda, have logged, between them, more than

40 Cursillos, 70 Grand Canyon Hikes, and, 700 miles of ‘The Camino Pilgrimage’ in Spain & France

& Germany & Poland. Also, the word ‘Camino’ means: ‘The Way, The Road, The Journey, Living Life’.

Buen Camino Blessings.